The dynamic of People Politics and GOSSIP has the power to bring individuals, families, communities and companies down. It has the power to destroy morale, kill possibilities of productivity and effectiveness, and any hope of having a life or culture that radiates with Energy and Vitality. Explore this phenomenon and discover an alternative way to be in relationship to others. Gain awareness and practical tools to support you in transforming conflict and separation to connection and collaboration in ALL your relationships.


In this workshop, we look at why we as a society are driven to create conflict and misery in our relationships. Discover the unconscious benefits and profit we gain from it which keeps us perpetuating this cycle of people politics and gossip, and the resultant dis-ease in ourselves, our environment and the workplace. We explore an alternative possibility of creating a culture of collaboration ... what that is, what that could look like, and the steps that would need to be put in place to start transforming any relationship or environment into one with team, connection, higher purpose and vision.


  • Do you find yourself and/or others engaging in negative talk?
  • Do you feel stuck when you feel drawn into gossip although you don't want to and wish you had a way out?
  • Do you want to know how to turn a relationship or environment around that is filled with conflict and drama?
  • Are you experiencing low morale at home, in your workplace or in your community?
  • Are you living or working in a toxic or draining environment?
  • Are you in conflict with those around you?

    If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then say YES to this People Politics & GOSSIP workshop!


The structure and purpose of the workshop is to open up a whole new possibility and way of building relationships in your workplace, your home, your community and in your life. You will walk away with increased levels of consciousness, presence and connection. Become a vehicle for transformation in your environment!

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Gossip – what is this and how we can transform it.
  • The vicious circle of pleasure into pain, how we employ or meet someone new who brings lots of pleasure, and within weeks, or months, they are a source of pain – looking into this and how to break this cycle

  • Story versus Isness – learning to distinguish the fiction from the fact
  • Assumptions and the negative impact they can have on your relationships, your company and your life
  • Separation to Connection – practical tools to create the shift from conflict to collaboration in any situation
  • Tools to help you recognise you are being used by people politics and GOSSIP, and tools to help you break free
  • Tools and awareness creation to support you in being a source of continuous personal and environmental transformation

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