Acquire the skills to manage any relationship by AGREEMENT rather than by instruction or assumption leaving you and the other empowered and energized. When we look at why so many of our relationships DO NOT work, it always comes down to lack of clear communication, leading to lack of AGREEMENT which leaves us in the endless muddle of assumptions and from there unmet expectations. This leads to complaints, and then frustration, and eventually resignation where all our natural energy and vitality has gone. Wherever your life is not in flow your communication in not working - wherever your life is in flow your communication is working!


This workshop is designed to get you to reclaim your lost Energy and Vitality in the area of powerful communication and for you to be in full self expression. Many times you lose energy and feel drained as you simply do not know how to communicate the things you need to, not only in a work context, but in your personal life and relationships as well. You feel you have communicated properly and when the response comes back you find there was a miscommunication which then takes time and energy to sort out. Often, this causes you to stay stuck in doing too much as it is easier to do it yourself than delegate to avoid exactly this.

  • Do you experience frustration at constantly having to re-explain what you have asked for?
  • Do you feel irritated and/or powerless when others impact your delivery of a result by not doing their part fully?
  • Do you lack trust that when you ask for things to get done by when you want them done they will be?
  • Do you experience your communication is not heard and integrated instantly?
  • Do you experience conflict in your daily interactions with people?

If your answer to any of these questions is yes, then say YES to this Managing by Agreement workshop!


This workshop will give you a very powerful and simple communication tool to be more effective, create more results, have more flow, achieve higher turnaround times and increase productivity all connected to you being powerful in your communication.

Some of the topics we will cover include:

  • Ladder of Power - the communication tool to keep you consistently empowered in getting the results you want at work and in your life.
  • Speaking from creation vs. speaking from reaction

  • Distinguishing knowledge and competence – knowing what must be done is different from having developed the competence to do it
  • Managing by agreement – adding a new dimension to your communication and discovering the power of NO
  • Choosing the right communication medium – sms, email, talking ...
  • Encounter sharing – a way of sharing that allows you to handle difficult conversations in an empowering way

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