What if the key to happiness is being willing to experience everything?

Out of the vast spectrum of moods and emotions I experience, I notice that I am only allowed to display a small range of moods. Those that are deemed to be “acceptable” by our social norms. For example, I can be happy - but not too happy, sad – but not depressed, upset – but not hysterical, excited – but not ecstatic! I am lucky when the mood I find myself in is within the accepted range. Whew! Everything is okay and I am in flow.

So what happens when my mood falls outside of this range? I immediately go into “something’s wrong.” I automatically start to suppress that mood, look away from it, resist it, fight with it, try to understand it, analyse it. I judge it and therefore myself to be bad and wish it were different. From the short list below, take a moment to reflect on which moods you give yourself permission to have and which moods you do not:

Accepted, Accomplished, Aggravated, Alone, Amused, Angry, Annoyed, Anxious, Apathetic, Ashamed, Awake, Bewildered, Bitchy, Bittersweet, Blah, Blank, Blissful, Bored, Bouncy, Calm, Cheerful, Chipper, Cold, Complacent, Confused, Content, Cranky, Crappy, Crazy, Crushed, Curious, Cynical, Dark, Depressed, Determined, Devious, Dirty, Disappointed, Discontent, Ditzy, Dorky, Drained, Drunk, Ecstatic, Energetic, Enraged, Enthralled, Envious, Excited, Exhausted, Flirty, Frustrated, Full, Geeky, Giddy, Giggly, Gloomy, Good, Grateful, Groggy, Grumpy, Guilty
Emotions are different from moods in that they tend to last for much shorter periods and be more extreme with higher highs and lower lows. They are usually very specific, triggered by noticeable events and are immediate reactions which drive us to particular actions. Moods are short-term emotional states, typically lasting hours, although they can last for days or longer. For example, you may wake up feeling a bit down and stay that way for most of the day. Emotions are energy – Energy in Motion. When we suppress our emotions and our moods, we are suppressing our life-force energy.

The Energy Crisis

In order to suppress a mood I need to use the equal amount of energy as there is in that particular mood. I then need to generate even more energy to pretend that I am okay, that I am normal and fine. My definition of fine is: Feelings Inside Not Expressed. Let’s look at the energy expenditure - I use energy to suppress my mood and I use energy to generate a false mood. No wonder I get to the end of the day and feel exhausted!

Another impact of suppressing moods is that it is like putting a lid on a volcano. All the energy that is not released is stored in the body and it starts to build up. This blocked energy starts to create dis-ease which can lead to illness. It also builds up pressure. Let’s take anger for example. Many little things, and some big things, cause me to feel angry. I am well-conditioned to suppress this anger, because I have labelled anger as ‘bad’. Then one day the smallest little thing happens and I explode in a fit of rage! The reaction is totally out of proportion to the incident. That is the volcano effect in action – the sudden release of massive amounts of uncontrollable energy.
Manage your moods and manage your energy

Follow these steps to start managing your moods:

  1. Grant yourself permission to experience anything. Allow yourself to engage in the full spectrum of moods available to you.
  2. Stop judging your moods as good or bad. Replace judgement with awareness. Simply notice your moods with genuine curiosity.
  3. From this place of acknowledgement and awareness, choose in which direction you want to channel all this beautiful energy.

The Energy & Vitality Workshop Series

Michele Hinds and The Energy & Vitality Series present the MOOD Management Workshop, specifically designed to support you to access more energy by managing your moods.

MOOD Management Wednesday 19 August 2015 1:00pm-8:00pm R900

MOODS are a vital part of being “alive” and yet most of us have no idea how to manage our own moods and the moods of others. In this interactive workshop with Expert Consciousness Coach®, Michele Hinds, you will embark on a journey into MOODS and Emotions, what they are and how we can use them effectively. You will learn how to use ALL your moods for your own constructive purposes and become consciously emotion-full and increase your levels of happiness.

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